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TARZAN: Call of the Jungle

Michael Hooker - Sound Designer
Matt Glenn - Associate Sound Designer


Shanghai Disneyland is the newest theme park in the Disney portfolio. Opened in June 2016, it is the largest Disney park, with a daily capacity of over 100,000 people.

TARZAN: Call of the Jungle is a live action stage show retelling the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story, but with a twist. The narrative is told through movement-based theatre - using adaptations of traditional Chinese variety arts acrobatics. There is no dialog, only music. The music is based on the Phil Collins score from the Disney feature animation. The guiding edict for the creation of this theme park is authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese, and Tarzan embodies this concept 100%.

The show is in the middle of the Adventure Isle land, with the exterior fashioned after an abandoned aviation storehouse. The theatre seats 1600 in a full thrust configuration. A full complement of moving lighting, projections and automated scenery work in tandem with the very complex sound system. Sound is delivered in a modified 7.1 format, which is particularly challenging in thrust. Playback is sourced from a Meyer DMitri system and distributed through a QSC Qsys backbone. Speakers are as follows:

  • CENTER: (4) 8-speaker Meyer MINA line arrays (32 total)
  • LEFT/RIGHT: (6) 2-speaker Meyer UPQ-2P arrays (12 total)
  • SUBS: (6) Meyer 700-HP located house center at the grid
  • Ls/Rs: (6) Meyer UPQ-1P
  • REAR SURROUND: (12) Meyer UPJ-1P, (3) Meyer UPA-2P
  • UNDERBALCONY: (22) Meyer MM4-XP
  • FRONT FILLS: (9) Meyer M1D line array (single cabs)
  • EFFECTS: (3) Meyer UPQ-1P
  • STAGE FILL: (5) Meyer UPJunior



VIDEO: Tarzan: Call of the Jungle (credit: sa177)


VIDEO: Tarzan: Call of the Jungle (credit: rogermosphere)




The sound in-field mix.
Image: Jon Fiedler

The install, mix, design and tuning team. L-to-R: Zack Lapinski, Matt Glenn, Mike Hooker, Jeremy Rynders, Bob McCarthy


1/2 of the subwoofers. Brown note, anyone? Preliminary tuning/cabinet alignment. Having floors is highly overrated.

System coverage: center line arrays. Meyer MAPP plot @8k System coverage: left/right arrays. Meyer MAPP plot @8k
System coverage: surround LR. Meyer MAPP plot @8k System coverage: subwoofers - 2 columns of 3, facing each other. Meyer MAPP plot @50Hz
System coverage: rear surrounds. Meyer MAPP plot @8k System coverage: front fills. Meyer MAPP plot @8k