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Disney Resort Liner

Michael Hooker - Senior Media Designer, WDI


I was the Media Designer for two of the most popular shows at Tokyo Disneyland: the seasonal versions of it's a small world and Haunted Mansion. Much of the concept work was done for the Disneyland (Anaheim) versions but additional voice-over and singing tracks were created specifically for Tokyo. Both shows involved updating the playback and audio distribition systems to modern company standards (Digital Binloop and Media Matrix). The show levels were set via remote desktop over WiFi by riding the attractions (over and over) with laptops - which for 2003 was quite unique.

The Tokyo Disney Resort Liner is the monorail system connecting both parks, the hotel area, shopping center, and the Tokyo trains. The monorail cars have onboard audio that plays music and automated voice-overs in Japanese and English. I supervised the media production effort for all. Each station also has a unique background music track.



it's a small world - loading area it's a small world - Europe scene
Images: Jon Fiedler

Haunted Mansion - holiday show entrance Haunted Mansion - holiday animatronic

Tokyo Disney Resort Liner - interior Tokyo Disney Resort Liner - Disneyland station