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Mermaid Lagoon (interactives, area music, Scuttles Scooters, Flying Fish coaster)
Magic Lamp Theatre

Lost River Delta
(restaurant music, area ambience, Raging Spirits)

Michael Hooker - Senior Media Designer, WDI


I served as the area lead Media Designer for MERMAID LAGOON (one of the seven lands at TDS), MAGIC LAMP THEATRE (in Arabian Coast), and the area development (outside) designer for LOST RIVER DELTA (another land).

MAGIC LAMP THEATRE is a 550 seat 3D interactive theatre where 3 live actors interact with Aladdin (based on the feature animation character). There is also a preshow with an animatronic cobra who tells the story of the lamp and how the failed magician came to possess it.

MERMAID LAGOON is a giant indoor land - the size of two football fields - that is based on the feature animation "The Little Mermaid". When guests enter they pass a fountain of Ariel singing and are heralded by trumpet fanfares. As you walk down the ramp you slowly transition from ocean waves (above water,) to underwater sounds, and finally into Ariel's world under the sea. Inside there are several iron rides, interactive play stations, and walk-throughs. Also inside is a restaurant and a gift shop -- all themed. Back outside there are also two attractions: Scuttle's Scooters and the Flying Fish Coaster. Music in the main area plays in a unique "stereo" with one channel at ear level and the second up above -- this aurally opens up the space in a dramatic way.

LOST RIVER DELTA is another land (inspired by the Yucatan peninsula). I produced the area background ambiences - which play in three channels (LOW-river, MIDDLE-trees, and UPPER-mountain top) and covers several acres. Also part of the outdoor program are five sound story installations with sounds from the village emanating from shops, facades and stores. Finally, there are two restaurants with background music.

RAGING SPIRITS is a mini roller coaster. Minimal sound design - mainly backstory played through a miners radio.

I also produced seven other background music tracks as well as supervised the media installation of the iconic AQUASPHERE in the main entrance.


VIDEO: Magic Lamp Theatre at Tokyo DisneySea


VIDEO: Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea




Magic Lamp Theatre - entrance Shaban the bumbling magician and his assistant Asim.
Image: Jon Fiedler

Asim holding the key to the lamp. Magic Lamp - preshow queue



Mixing music for MERMAIN LAGOON. Jon Baker, engineer. In-field mix and install for MERMAIN LAGOON.
Temporary recording/editing studio. RAGING SPIRITS