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Front Lot - Lead Media Designer
Art of Disney Animation


Michael Hooker - Senior Media Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI)


This theme park is adjacent to Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney). It is laid out in the fashion of most movie-lot parks but is compact enough to be another land within Disneyland Paris.

I was the Media Designer (from the design-development phase through opening) for the Front Lot, Animation Courtyard and Production Courtyard portions of the park. Inclusive in the Front Lot was background music for the entrance plaza, stores, and area music.

The largest attraction was Cinemagique: combining a live actor and film collage, taking you through a brief slice of cinematic history with characters overlayed. Jack (played by Martin Short) takes a mobile phone call in the theatre, ends up in front of the screen and is magically transported into the film world. The sound follows the cast member playing Jack from his seat in the house as he winds his way through the audience up onto stage.

The next large attraction is The Art of Disney Animation - which is derived from a similiar attraction at Disney's California Adventure park. Inside is a museum of French animation history from which guests are pulsed through two other theatres - the first featuring a brief film and the second featuring a live actor in a mock animation studio interacting with Moo Shoo onscreen (the dragon from Mulan). That is followed by a room of interactive stations and finally a gift shop.



  Video of Cinmagique show.
  Video of Drawn to Animation.
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Art of Disney Anination during construction. Drawn to Animation theatre show.

Animation Academy. Coloriage interactive kiosks.


Cinemagique facade. Cinemagique interior - before show.

Cinemagique in-field mix Mixing Cinemagique.
Park entrance The Tapis Volant ride Isince torn down)